Have your business benefit from complimentary small business consulting that will add extra value to any product launch or expansion plans.

How does it work? During the initial six months of our distribution partnership, DATAMEDIA Distribution will provide up to 48 hours of partner consultancy value to your business; and an average of 8 hours a month. This is a value in excess of $5,000 and demonstrates our desire to have you achieve and exceed your marketing and sales goals. *

Let DATAMEDIA Distribution and their management team’s experience go to work on your business growth!

Victor Batchelor combines 30 years of successful small business expertise with a large degree of common sense. His strategic market approach has build up the Datamedia business to the “best in class” status is has today and has contributed to the success of an impressive client list in excess of two hundred; many of which are small businesses like yours. Victor has had a life-long commitment to sport and community service in leadership roles and is an active participant in competitive swimming, water polo and triathlons. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University.

Graham Gilley has a proven track record of delivering market leading results with companies such as Gillette and Nintendo. Between the two organizations, he spent 16 years in senior positions directing record product growth throughout Canada. As Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales of Armstrong Group - Rocky Mountaineer, he was highly involved in the development and leadership of dozens of high profile tourism and hospitality case studies, strategic partnerships and ventures, areas of innovative product development and award winning marketing and communication strategies. Graham is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and a partner in DATAMEDIA Distribution. For more background, visit

*The Small Print – subject to a minimum 12 month distribution agreement and available at agreed upon times. This may include weekends or phone consultations if you are located outside of Metro Vancouver. Your success is our success – no other catches in this small print! Let’s get to work!