Case Studies


Rosscraft has growing reputation and customer base, particularly among Human Biologists, Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Fullfilment Professionals. As a client of DATAMEDIA Distribution for over four years, Rosscraft has had impressive triple digit growth in the distribution of precise anthropometric measuring instruments to assist in the study of the human body.

DATAMEDIA Distribution inventories, distributes and assists in office administration for Rosscraft. This includes scheduled meetings to better understand their ongoing strategies and objectives. DATAMEDIA has allowed the team at Rosscraft to go about their meaningful research knowing that the “back end of the business” is taken care of. In short, their brand is protected all the way around.

"We are poised to to take on new distributors and affiliates. Our initiative for developing TTT, a complete free reference library with global links, is entirely a matter of our confidence in DATAMEDIA Distributions management of our sales and service division."

William D. Ross PhD
Research Director
R O S S C R A F T Innovations Incorporated

That Marketing Ltd.

That Marketing Ltd., scored a hit with The Original Waspinator, an environmentally friendly wasp solution that mimics an enemy nest, keeping territorial wasps away. The product is being carried by name retailers such as Ace Hardware, Miejers, Home Hardware, Minter Gardens, Art Knapps, and Garden Works. It is also being sold in parts of Europe.

DATAMEDIA Distribution has been with sisters, Vikki Olson and Kim Cassar Torreggiani every step along the way watching their business deliver explosive growth to North American markets. This includes managing inventories, distribution and full support in office administration. This allowed Vikki and Kim to focus on manufacturing, sales and public relations allowing the Waspinator brand to take on new distribution channels during the critical early stages of business development.

"Our association with DATAMEDIA Distribution allowed us to grow our great little idea into a big international wholesale company. We were able to satisfy the demands of all of our customers, large or small, because of the expertise and hard work that we saw each day from the staff at DATAMEDIA Distribution. With their professional help and support we always delivered product on time, efficiently and effectively. Running a small business left us with a lot of "balls in the air". Handing off the distribution tasks to a company as capable, trustworthy, and reliable as DATAMEDIA Distribution, has helped us greatly in achieving our goals.
We couldn't have done it without DATAMEDIA Distribution!"

Kim Cassar Torreggiani,
Inventor of "The Original Waspinator"

Smart Ass Gifts ( is a great example of an emerging company taking advantage of DATAMEDIA Distribution’s expertise, one step at a time.  The Vancouver based brand is four years old and their highly successful brand of sassy women’s underwear has been sold in over 200 stores across North America.

With a change in ownership, Smart Ass Gifts reached the proverbial fork in the road on how to develop the business and in 2009, Smart Ass Gifts turned to Datamedia in 2009 for marketing expertise on how to readdress the product line.  The next step will be to engage DATAMEDIA Distribution for their warehouse, fulfillment and administration needs.  Why?  This will allow the principals at the time necessary to do what they do best – execute on the business plan without the worry and time involved in the daily handling and administration of Smart Ass product.

Sound like your business?  Contact Datamedia Distribution and discover how they can be the most efficient partner your business will ever know.  Remember, NO COSTS before you sell.

TC Fotos

Trevor Cooper’s photographs and talents are magical. His library of images is stunning and has been featured around the world for commercial and personal clients. Currently, DATAMEDIA’s offices are adorned with his creative.

When Trevor and his company www.tcfotos, decided it was time to move his home based business, he called upon DATAMEDIA Distribution to assist with his venture. Should he have a need to meet with a corporate client, Trevor can display his wares in DATAMEDIA’s boardroom facilities and know that after the sale that his framed works will arrive in first class condition at the destination - not matter how many customs borders are involved!

Trevor Cooper’s business is a great example of a company on the rise and DATAMEDIA Distribution is a powerful silent partner.